Hi I'm

Desmond Lee

I'm a software developer from Dallas, Texas. Currently a consultant at Pariveda.



ShibaMail is a dog who will carry your nice letter to a kind stranger and will bring you letters to read and respond to. Inspired by Kind Words.

Technologies used: Firebase and Typescript for Facebook's Messenger Platform.

Closing Gaps Ideation Game

I collaborated with B Cavello to develop the Closing Gaps Ideation Game for the Partnership on AI

Closing Gaps in Responsible AI is a multiphase project aimed at developing ethical technology principles surrounding Machine Learning and AI.

The Closing Gaps Ideation Game is a collective exercise meant to gather insight from people in the community by identifying challenges and evaluating potential solutions. This game involves collecting input from players, moderating/displaying collected input in real time, and generating data visualizations in real time.

Technologies used: React, Airtable, Zeit Serverless Functions


Inspired by Pointer Pointer, Autoboop places a image of a cat's nose under your mouse cursor no matter where it is located.

Autoboop was created using React and Entity Framework Core.


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